Heels-Down Horse Shows

There's No Business Like Show Business!

There's No Business Like Show Business!

HORSE SHOWS... Ya gotta love ‘em! Staying up all night packing to make sure you don’t forget anything, getting up before dawn to load the trailer, driving all distances to the shows, getting dressed in the trailer, grooming your horse so he or she is spotless, battling nerves in the show ring, hearing your trainer yell at you in your head, trying to keep a smile on your face and remembering to breathe. It’s a lot to prepare for only a few minutes in the arena performing your best and hoping your horse behaves.

But it's worth it...

 The ribbons, the glory, the buckles, the awards, the photos, the smiles…Knowing you and your horse have performed as a team = priceless.

It’s all about Good Horsemanship AND Good Sportsmanship! Riders borrowing each other’s show clothes and tack. Ever forget to bring your bridle to a show? Or you were so busy the night before the show cleaning your saddle that you forgot to reattach the stirrups? From getting help leading a horse into the arena to help dusting off your boots, saying something funny to make you laugh and relax before you go in, good sportsmanship makes it worthwhile. And cheering for each other when the announcer says your name (and hoping it gets pronounced correctly!).

It’s a great day hanging out with your friends and their horses! Some of us wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

Showing is about working towards something—not just awards, but cleaner patterns, better performance, a closer bond with your horse. Striving to be a better rider; challenging yourself and your horse. You learn where you need to improve and your hard work pays off.


Remember to give your horses a hug and a cookie, for it is they who make us the riders that we are!

photos by Alan Myers www.printroom.com/amfoto1