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I'm into it...

I have always loved horses… you know, girls and horses… it’s true love! All my life growing up I had wished on every star and every birthday candle for a horse of my own, but my parents wouldn’t buy me one. So I rode at every rental stable I could find.

I started my "show career” in college when I found out they had an equestrian team. What a dream come true! I joined the Chico State Equestrian Team, which soon became the CSUC Horse Show Team, in the spring of 1988. I leased several horses and learned a lot. I was the Team’s Secretary for 3 years. I perfected the art of Showmanship. Practice makes perfect! Believe me… (I even stayed another year post-baccalaureate because I didn’t want to leave Chico or the Team). My first coach had me work with her hot horses before they went to show because I had a calming effect on them.

By 1991, my last year of showing, I was competing in Showmanship, Western Pleasure and Western Equitation. I went to the IHSA Regionals and won Reserve Champion in Western Equitation.

After college I took a year of English lessons at Fremont Hills Country Club Stables in Los Altos Hills through the community college. My status of “Stable Bum” continued. I would stay
and help out with the school horses every Sunday after my lesson. The instructor let me join some of the other lessons and she had me be the first to ride the new horses that came in. My most unforgettable lesson was when she had us jump with our eyes closed! Oh, What A Feeling! Now I could ride Western, English and jump.

I leased a few more horses just so I could continue riding. A friend of mine asked me to find him a broodmare. I went searching and when I saw the cute little red dun filly I forgot all about looking for my friend and fell in love... In 2000, I finally bought a horse of my own! "Memory" is a beautiful AQHA red dun mare. She has me trained well.
It seemed strange to me to be involved with horses and riding, but not showing. I longed to get back into it again. I had volunteered at a few local shows working the gate and handing out ribbons, etc., but I wanted more.

"Helping out" turned into co-managing shows and then becoming Manager, running all aspects of horse shows on my own. One judge told me if I "could manage a show, judging would be easy." So, I decided to pursue judging and I love it too!

I have over 20 years of experience in the Horse Show world from all aspects: Horse Show Exhibitor, Judge and Manager. I can help you with all of your Horse Show needs!