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Horse Show Program

California State Horsemen's Association, Region 5
English/Western Program Manager 2008-2010

I took over the program in the fall of 2008. We had 26 members showing their horses in Halter, English flat, Western, Trail, Showmanship, Western Lead Line and Hunters Over Fences. Approved shows at D'Alonzo, Spring Stampede, Region 6, Region 4, E Wa Tom Lin Kihn, Peppertree Farms/Windmill Ranch, Walnut Creek and an All English show, an All Western show  and a Halter & Trail show (that I created and managed).

I revised the rules in 2009, changed the show season dates and added divisions. The enrollment doubled in 2010. We had members showing their horses in all of our divisions including Showmanship, Reining, both Western and English Lead Line, Hunters/Jumpers, Trail, Halter, Western and English Flat, including 3 Saddleseat riders. Approved shows at D'Alonzo, Region 6, Region 4, Paint/Pinto, Manteca, Spring Stampede, E Wa Tom Lin Kihn, Walnut Creek, Concord, Diamond Hills, Cerro Vista, Hossmoor and the Spring Schooling Show in Livermore, which I created and managed.

I enjoyed being the English/Western Program Manager. It was a lot of work: creating the show calendar, approving shows, planning and managing the Region 5 shows, hiring judges, creating courses and patterns, gathering and training volunteers, ordering ribbons and awards, soliciting donations, keeping track of all the riders and their forms, payments and volunteer hours, collecting point sheets and updating the points for all the riders, updating the program website, and making sure everyone is in compliance. Not to mention answering a zillion questions and being the resource for all kinds of horse show related things! Not to mention attending CSHA Quarterly and region meetings, the Show of Champions and the year-end convention.

The hardest part was ordering the awards for the Year-End Awards Banquet. The silver buckles  for Champion were always a hit and the embroidered and personalized awards were liked as well.

I hand over the reins to the new Program Manager this year (2011).

Horse Show Mom or Dad, Grandparents, Siblings and Friends ~

It’s not as easy as taking your kid to a soccer match! Great job for getting your kids entered in the correct classes, remembering to bring the point sheets (and getting them signed and mailed in on time!), helping to get your kids ready as well as their horses and sometimes you and your horse too… and most importantly, writing the checks! Thanks to all the Dads who ended up being the show announcer or helped lug the equipment in and out of the arena. Thanks to the Moms who helped at the show registration table and to everyone who ended up handing out ribbons! I couldn’t have run the shows without you!


I just want to say Thank You to everyone in the program this year. I have enjoyed being the CSHA Region 5 English/Western Program Manager and the Spring Stampede Horse Show Manager. I hope you all had a good time! I am sad to leave, but my life has taken me in a new direction. I will still be involved with horse shows (on the East coast), you betcha! Good Luck to you all in your future endeavors and I hope you strive to get that perfect ride!

~Sincerely yours, Gina, Eden & Memory